Seminars are held:
- on customer premises, or
- on public premises (hotels, convention centers, exhibition halls, etc.)
Seminar administration (registrations, customer invoicing, etc.) is seminar organizerís sole responsibility.
Premises administration (venue reservation, coffee breaks and lunch arrangements, transportation to / from venues, etc.) is seminar organizerís sole responsibility.
Seminar hours: 9:00 to 17:00, including two half hour coffee breaks and one hour lunch break.
A couple of weeks before the event date, a master copy of the PowerPoint material to be presented during the seminar will be provided to the seminarís organizer. This master copy is to be used to generate one copy of the material for every participant. Participants should receive their copies at the seminar opening.
The seminar venues should have:
- Classroom arrangement
- Projector from laptop (1024*768)
- Screen for projection
- White board with markers of at least three different colors
- For big venues (more than 40 participants), a microphone is needed.
  The microphone should be wireless and hands-free (small clip to
  be fixed on jacket lapel or tie)
- Air conditioning
- Coffee and lunch breaks facilities
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