"I would like to thank you on behalf of (company name) staff for an interesting two day IEEE 802.16 seminar.

The seminar was well structured, the basic concepts were conveyed in a clear and ordered fashion, and the overall feedback from both Network and DSP staff was very positive.

Your seminar is a good way of bringing a group of multidisciplinary experts to a common level of knowledge in a short period of time."

Gal Zuckerman,
Director, WiMAX product line
R&D department
(company name)

"Mr. Sorin Schwartz provided us with a three days course about Wireless LAN. The course was very well prepared and the written material was very clear. Mr. Schwartz was able to attract the audience with his clear explanations and with the logic way he presented the material.

We were very satisfied with the course results, as it helps us bring the whole team to a common level of knowledge, and start our development earlier."

Arik Ramon
(company name)
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